In 2016, the Young Leaders Advisory Council (YLAC) was created by young leaders who saw a void in the Ottawa community. We created YLAC to create a place where racialized young people could find opportunities to achieve equality

We seek to provide a platform for youth and young professionals to identify, meet, collaborate, and grow the skills necessary to become decision-makers and influencers.


Our mission is to situate young people of racialized communities in positions of leadership and influence by promoting diversity and inclusion within Ottawa and across Canada. In collaboration with our allies, we work to influence the Canadian narrative of the Black diaspora. We do this through advocacy, mentorship and education.


We are dedicated to ensuring the future of young racialized Canadians. We advocate for that future through:

  • empowering young people of African, Indigenous, and other racialized communities, and
  • building relationships with our allies.

We focus on increasing civic engagement through:

  • mentorship and volunteerism,
  • encouraging knowledge of heritage and cultural traditions; and
  • providing a platform for young people to become the leaders

Core Values

We establish and sustain an environment built on inclusion, accessibility, leadership, and engagement. We foster lifelong connections among young people while enhancing the quality of life for people of the African diaspora in Canada.