Where Are They Now?

Then, Jean-Jacques was a digital communications and multimedia student at Humber College and a photography student at Collége La Cité. Now he is a freelance photographer, lead photographer, sport communication agent, tour documentor and co-creator of a photography camp with the City of Ottawa.

Jean-Jacques Ngandu was a graduate at YLAC's 2018 African, Caribbean and Black graduation ceremony.
Jean-Jacques Ngandu was a graduate at YLAC’s 2018 African, Caribbean and Black graduation ceremony.

Since graduation, Jean-Jacques Ngandu has worn many hats. He is a sports and wedding photographer, a videographer, a conceptual artist and sports communications agent, as well as the creator of a children’s photography camp.

He is also a freelance photographer and videographer under his own brand Jean-Jacques Ngandu Photography, his work has taken him across Canada and Africa. No doubt, these opportunities are related to studying digital communication and multimedia at Humber College and photography at La Cité collégiale.

Currently, Ngandu is the lead photographer at Next Level Media; through this job he traveled to Chad to document a 4-day basketball camp. He also works for the La Cité collégiale varsity sports teams as a communication agent and sports photographer and has followed their volleyball team to a provincial tournament in Toronto.

Recently, he started a free photography program with the City of Ottawa for kids ages 8 to 14. The program is now in its fourth week. Ngandu’s work recently led him to Rwanda, his birth country, to work on a project that will be announced in 2020. Last year, he documented a Montreal and Ottawa tour for Meddy, a Rwandan musician.

As a graduate who took part in the African, Caribbean and Black Graduation ceremony last year, Ngandu says it was unlike any other graduation he has been a part of.

“They are creating a community for Canadians of African descent that will give future generations something to look up to and a sense of belonging.

– Jean-Jacques Ngandu
A sample of Ngandu's conceptual work.
A sample of Ngandu’s conceptual work.

The music and atmosphere all contributed to making him feel at home and a part of a community.

“Great event, great people and great conversations,” he says. “It felt good to meet people like me doing great things.”

According to Ngandu it is hard work and believing in one’s own dreams that turn them into reality. This lesson is clear in his progress and is something he hopes to show aspiring graduates. He advises that it is important to believe in both strengths and dreams and to never give up.

To this year’s graduates he says, “Always believe in yourself, chase your dreams and never stop learning. “

“This is the beginning of a beautiful journey, live it to the fullest.”

Jean-Jacques Ngandu

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