As a member of the Young Leaders Advisory Council, you will have the opportunity to link up with your peers and talk about things that would otherwise be left unsaid. Even more, it is to be part of a creating a space for young people to grow and to contribute to the larger Canadian social fabric!


We don’t discriminate! Anyone can be a member! However, we are especially interested in young people aged 13-30.

All Members of the Young Leaders Advisory Council are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that upholds YLAC’s values. Read the YLAC Code of Conduct.


There are 3 membership categories:

  1. Membership 1 = $25 – general membership
  2. Membership 2 = $10 – high school students and people in financial need.
  3. Committee Members = $25 – general membership and the opportunity to volunteer their time to help YLAC.


You must pay the annual membership fee to become a member. To keep your membership status, pay your membership fee one year after the date your original application and fee was accepted.


If you need financial assistance, send a 500 word letter to the Lead Council that outlines why you need financial assistance.  The letter does not need details on your families’ financial situation. The Lead Council will decide what they can do to help you.

  • Contact us to learn more.


Every dollar will go towards all the services we offer our members. It does not go to staff or overhead fees.

Apply now

Step 1: Fill out the online application form

Step 2: Send your membership fee to

Step 3: Wait for your acceptance email

Don’t want to be a member but what to stay involved?

We’d love to have your support! Here are other ways you can get involved!

  • Subscribe to the YLAC newsletter (see page footer)
  • Make a donation at the next YLAC event