The Planning & Events Officer plays a critical role in creating opportunities and spaces to educate, mentor and network for racialized youth in Ottawa. Generally, the officer will play a primary leadership role at YLAC-related events including but not limited to training workshops, social gatherings, promotional events and summits. The Planning & Events Officer’s responsibilities will include  working collaboratively to organize, implement, survey and evaluate YLAC-related and/or -hosted meetings and events under the mandate of the Planning and Events Portfolio. Activities will be planned in tandem with the portfolio Director and YLAC Lead Council.


With the support of the Planning & Events committee, you will:

  • Collaborate on the scheduling, planning & logistics of upcoming YLAC events; and
  • Give proper notice of upcoming events to volunteers and YLAC members, and timely distribution of materials such as schedules and assigned lists of responsibilities.

Responsibilities of the Planning & Events Officer:

  • Creates and maintains YLAC event calendars;
  • Participates in on-site visits prior to events;
  • Completes tasks and deliverables essential to the planning and logistical execution of events;
  • Recruits volunteers for YLAC-affiliated events;
  • Relays information in a timely manner to event participants and volunteers;
  • Seeks sponsorship for YLAC events;
  • Attends monthly all-committee meetings; and
  • Is available to support YLAC outreach events.

Attitude Requirements

  • Must exhibit an excellent service attitude and be willing to go out of their way to accommodate the community guests and exceed their expectations.  
  • Must be flexible and able to adjust to meet the changing needs of event attendees.  
  • Must maintain a level of professionalism and communicate effectively.
  • Must show enthusiasm for the role, the event and the organization.  
  • Must be considerate, patient and willing to help out fellow team members #LiftAsWeClimb #YLACMentality.  
  • Must have a good self-confidence and be able to command the respect of fellow volunteer team members.  
  • Must be able to tolerate pressure and work calmly and efficiently during busy times.
  • Must handle community member complaints according to policies and procedures.
  • Possess the highest work ethics, personal morals and honesty beyond reproach. #IntegrityOverEverything


Ottawa, ON, Canada


  • Part-time (1-2 hours/week)
  • Attend one monthly All-Committee Meeting


  • Director of Planning & Events
  • Works collectively with the Lead Council and other committee members as needed


  • Embarking on community event adventures with our squad!
  • Maintaining a sharp mind; we stay moving and remain agile – ALWAYS.
  • Mastering stress management.
  • You’ll never get bored. Our events are always lit!
  • Ample opportunities to be creative.
  • Cultivating great people skills that will last a lifetime.
  • Exclusive behind the scenes access to some of the freshest events in the city.

We thank all candidates who apply. Candidates may be subject to background inquiries and/or reference checks, which are satisfactory and in accordance with internal procedures.